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Story telling walks for private parties

For private parties, we are happy to organize a storytelling tour on the date and time of your choice. A tour takes about 90 minutes. The 'Antwerp Ghostwalk' is best experienced during the evening.For groups it is necessary to book in advance. A year or a week ahead, we always try to help you (most often, it is possible to book also on short notice)  

Each walk has a default starting and arrival location. Alternative locations are possible on request, e.g. to start or end at a restaurant. If you have a specific requests, don't hesitate to contact us.

To ensure an optimal experience for all participants, we limit the group size to a maximum of 25 people. Larger groups will be divided into 2 or more smaller groups which will tour independently. It is not necessary to give the precise number of participants we only need to know if the group needs to be split up (then we need to provide an additional storyteller)

Price: €150 for a private group including up to 10 persons, additional  participants € 15 per person, €10 for children up to 12yr (maximum 25 p.). You only pay for the number of people that effectively participate (we understand it's diffuclt to know the exact number beforehand).

Cancellation policy: free of charge until 30 days before activity, after that a cancellation fee applies. € 150 if less than 48h in advance, otherwise € 30.