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Wandering Souls
Savage urban tales from ancient times

This storytelling tour full of fantastic tales surprises with a vibrant mix of street theatre and historical tales. Ideal for all who are young at heart and scared of the sound of rattling chains.
An eccentric coffin maker guides us, in search of the true soul of "Het Steen". This can be found among the wandering souls that wander like ghosts near the ancient walls of the castle.  There they bear witness to a savage past through which we discover fabulous histories of dark times.  Powerful stories about storming enemies, brave knights and nefarious villains who cannot find peace after all they have done.
We unravel facts and fables from ancient times, experience a wild ride through the bloody history of medieval Antwerp, discover the secrets of the wandering souls, always returning to the immortal castle  "Het Steen".

prijs per persoon: 
€ 15.00
90 min.
aantal km: 
2.00 km
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